What DID they wear in 1965?

  1. Nothing sells 1965 like high-waisted pants cinched with a belt! Guys and gals should tuck in those button-up shirts to show off their matching belt and shoes.

  2. Knitwear was all the rage. Don your cardigans, mohair sweaters, or the ultimate in trendy: mock turtlenecks! Pair your mock with a black leather jacket and sunglasses to recreate Warhol at the Factory look.

  3. By 1965, The British Invasion is in full swing. The Mod Style has swept the nation with bold geometric prints and color-blocked shirts and dresses. The British ladies wore their Mondrian dresses with colored tights or white knee socks while the gents rocked their polo shirts and striped sport coats.

  4. Undergarments are vital to create the 1960’s shape. Ladies, wear your bullet bras, girdles and suntan panty hose. Men, wear your white undershirts and make sure your socks match your trousers!

  5. 1965 is all about boots. Every man owns a pair of Beatle boots while Barbara Streisand is popularizing the white gogo boots.

  6. Fashion designers Courreges and Mary Quant are changing the world with their rising hemlines; the mini skirt has all the girls (and boys) in a frenzy.

  7. The skinny tie is still super hip in 1965. Dashing dandies wear it with a slim-fit suit, or collegiates pair it with a bold plaid sport coat. For a more casual look, wear your white dress shirt with top buttons open, roll your sleeves, and slap on a silver tie bar to emulate Sammy Davis Jr.

  8. Hey four eyes, looking good. With no contact lenses or laser eye surgery, 50 percent of the population wore glasses. Wearing your G-Man’s, black frames, or horn rims will create the perfect accessory to your 1965 outfit. Vision 20/20? Opt for sunnies like Bob Dylan’s Wayfarers or Audrey Hepburn’s white plastic Moon Look sunglasses.

  9. While Jerry Garcia was not with the Grateful Dead yet, he and the Warlocks were popularizing the long-hair look in Northern California. Young men were giving up the gel-combed hair and opting for the more natural mop-top look.

  10. Ladies, on the other hand, were using their Aqua Net to tease their hair to higher heights. Whether you were sportin' an updo or downdo, a teasing comb was an essential daily tool.