An Alice Waters menu produced by UC Santa Cruz Catering and Head Chef Vince Franco and our local, organic farmers

Passed Hors d'oeuvres

Black Mission and Kadota figs, Bellwether Farms fromage blanc, balsamic drizzle, fresh mint

Swank Farms sweet corn fritter, Kendall Farms crème fraîche, chive batonette

UC Santa Cruz Farms little gem lettuce cups, Sea to Table sustainable shrimp, Haas avocado

Foraged mushroom tartines, golden chanterelles, hen-of-the-woods, crimini mushrooms, fresh thyme

Assorted charcuterie and local artisan cheese

First Course

Swank Farms heirloom tomato carpaccio with lemon cucumbers, basil, chervil, and aioli

Second Course

BN Ranch filet of beef*,Iacopi butter beans,CASFS delicata squash, and salsa verde

Field mint tisane

Third Course

Mission Hill Creamery Meyer lemon and wild blackberry ice cream bombe


Saintsbury is certified under the Napa Green Certified Land Program

*Last-minute entrée change sourced from BN Ranch and longtime friend of Chez Panisse Bill Niman.